Our Services

Market Development Support

The COA can help businesses in launching their product or service into the aquaculture market.

Due Diligence

The COA can help businesses and prospective investors gain superior viewpoint on potential or existing business partners in the aquaculture sector.

Lead Generation

The COA offers lead generation services to businesses looking to identify and contact potential customers with a view of selling a product or service.

Local Entity Setup

The COA can assist prospective investors in establishing new company seeking to operate in the aquaculture sector.

Partner Search

The COA can offer prospective investors with customized plans to find new business partners in the aquaculture sector and facilitate in managing those relationships in the early stages.

Market Reports

The COA can offer businesses, individuals and prospective investors with bespoke market research initiatives that analyse the state of the aquaculture sector and identify key trends and prospects of Ghana’s aquaculture sector.