The Chamber of Aquaculture Ghana Initiative and The World Economic Forum's Blue Food Partnership

The economic role that blue food plays is crucial not only as a critical food source but in providing livelihoods. Currently, blue food faces increased demand and the challenges that go with realizing that increase is eminent. Nonetheless, sustainable aquaculture has significant potential to meet food security in a nutritious way, fight climate change, and support biodiversity. It is in this light that the Blue Food Partnership (BFP) led by Friends of Ocean Action, a platform of the World Economic Forum aims to catalyze science-based action towards healthy and sustainable blue food value chains by identifying and scaling pre-competitive initiatives on priority blue food topics with a current focus on aquaculture. At the country level and in partnership with the Chamber of Aquaculture Ghana and FUTUREFISH in delivering on impact, the BFP is being put into action through the BFP Ghana Initiative to encourage the sustainable growth of aquaculture in Ghana with an industry focus.Find out more here